Dr. J D-56 Planes Walker Fuzz Bass Effects Pedal

Dr. J D-56 Planes Walker Fuzz Bass Effects Pedal

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Dr.J is serious about creating inspiring tones for passionate musicians, and to ensure superb tone and outstanding quality, every Dr.J pedal must pass a series of strict tests in the hands of a professional. 

With switchable diodes, you can get a huge range of tones from the Planes Walker Fuzz. You can get a more vintage fuzz tone using the Ge (Germanium) diode that will give you a nice warm, soft and smooth fuzz sound. The Si (silicone) diode will give you a more modern fuzz tone, it will be brighter and more aggresive with a nice bite. Coupling the 2 way switch with the rest of the controls you can dial in your favourite fuzz tones from almost any era. The True Bypass design preservevs your tone when the pedal is disengaged as well

Pedal Effect Type
Bass Effects
Gain: Distortion / Overdrive / Fuzz / Compression
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