• The Epiphone Les Paul Standard has long been the epitome of style and sophistication and is the first real step when looking for a classic designed Les Paul. With dual volume and tone controls dedicated to each pickup, geunine carved maple top design, solid mahogany body, classic sounding alnico pickups and a comfortable neck profile it is the number...

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  • A great example of the classic Stingray design; one of the most iconic bass guitars in history. A punchy sound that particularly excels in rock and funk applications. Robust and roadworthy this bass commands the stage with its look and versatility. The guitar has been fitted with a white pickguard to offer an even-cooler unique identity. But the original...

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  • You walk in the store looking for latest spec Telecaster, but you realise its not quite for you, and wish, oh you wish you could pick up the previous spec model but still get the benefits of a full manufacturer's warranty. Problem solved. Boom, the 2008 to 2012 specification Telecaster should not been deemed as an outdated product, but simply a different...

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  • The VS6 by Vintage is an steadfast seller for great value, great-performing double-cut SG style guitar. Balanced, comfortable and sounding beastly. But wait…this is no ordinary VS. Oh no. This is one of the prototype early models that features gold hardware and gold switch. And that's not all. This has been upgraded with a Seymour Duncan Zebra Invader...

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  • Built to Phil Demmel's exacting specifications, the upgraded PDX-2 put's the guitarist's inimitable style and specification right in your hands. Powerful and dominating in every way this guitar grabs you and demands to be shredded. The specification is perfect for metal players of all abilities with a  true Floyd Rose and high output EMG passive pickups,...

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  • Sometimes a guitar is just ready to rock and this is it: all the breaking in has been done and this plays like the guitar you've turned to for decades. Yeah there's a few marks but this is par for the course with a weapon  such as this - the battle scars have been prepared and you save a truck load as well. As a offset V it takes its inspiration from the...

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  • Utilising Taylor’s revolutionary precision of design that has taken them to the pinnacle of guitar making. This Grand Auditorium is balanced, precise and comfortable – and even more so better value now that it's a second user item!  This is a Re-Sale(?) instrument in Great Condition(?).

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  • This Re-sale irems comes with a 1 year warranty (Not including valves) Does not have outer packaging box. This is a Re-Sale(?) instrument in Great Condition(?).

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  • Easily our best-selling electro acoustic, featuring a wonderfully sweet & deep tone thanks to a solid-spruce top construction and perfectly complimented mahogany back and sides! The Shadow preamp/pickup is supremely versatile utilising a built-in tuner further extending this guitar's usefulness. Available in three finishes and topped in a comfortable...

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  • Another Legendary design brought into the 21st century: This iconic jumbo sports a solid spruce top and maple back / sides to put a bit of zip back into the large tone. To cap it off it features a great dual magnetic/piezo pickup system!

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  • An iconic look made even more eye-catching the Tommy Thayer White Lightning outfit is all-white and chrome and not a single shade of grey to be seen! With a pair of beefy Seymour Duncan JB's in White for the bridge and chrome for the neck this monument to the gods of rock is a true weapon of mass destruction and comes with not only a matching white...

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  • Taking the best-selling finish from one great selling guitar and apply it to another superbly popular Telecaster is always going to be a winning combination! The Telecaster Custom features a vintage 'voiced' single coil Telecaster bridge pickup and a super charged Wide Range humbucker in the neck creating a "symphony" of musical heaven while maintaining...

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  • A beautiful closed-back ukulele banjo from the historic London banjo makers of old. And where could this little beauty be more at home than in Wigan? This full resonant back ukulele is a superb choice for advancing ukulele players looking to follow in the footsteps of fellow Wigan ukulele legend George Formby, or for any banjo player looking for something...

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