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  • The Pitchblack Portable is a guitar/bass polyphonic tuner that provides speedy and accurate tuning. The Pitchblack Portable features a high-brightness LED display which provides excellent visibility, so that the pitch drift of each string is instantly and clearly visible. Korg's proprietary cable checker function is also built-in, letting you easily check...

    £ 44.99
    Don't forget to buy me if you've got a BCB-60 Pedal Board!
  • The Ibanez Tubscreamer Mini is a great new addition to the already massively successful Ibanez Tubescreamer range - how do you improve on a classic? Make it smaller! Simplified for players who know what they want the Tubescreamer Mini is straight to the point, great tone, no messing.

    £ 72.99
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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items