Our Price Match Policy

We always work hard to remain as competitive as possible. However, due to the thousands of products we carry, we may occasionally miss certain changes in the market place and are grateful to our customers for keeping us informed.

We will always do our best to match, or get as close as possible to a genuine UK price offered by our competitors; sometimes there may be a manufacturer promo on, or they may support us in honouring the price match. Please let us know if you are interested in something we have

Simply fill in the form on the product page that you are interested in and we'll reply as soon as possible.

Some things to bear in mind:
- there is much more likelyhood we will be able to match a price from an equivalent UK dealer; overseas dealers in Europe and beyond often have different distributors who have different promotions running. We will always do our best, but remember that with an overseas purchase comes overseas support, returns, delivery times, and sometimes import taxes.

- it is easy for any dealer to clear out an old product, or even forget to remove a listing. They may even (horror!) leave listings at silly prices in order to encourage a purchase, before then advising of the stock and trying to switch sell to another product. It is therefore much less likely we will be able to match a price where the dealer shows no stock, or is clearing the last of their floor models.

- on a rare occasion we may have missed a promotion, and we simply can't quite match what someone else is offering (often competing stores can't match our prices for the same reason). We will always do our best to get a deal that is comparitive in value.