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Ozark A-Style Mandolin w/ Ozark Hard case & Flatwound Strings - Pre-Loved (Great Condition) Ozark A-Style Mandolin w/ Ozark Hard case & Flatwound Strings - Pre-Loved (Great Condition) 2
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Ozark A-Style Mandolin w/ Ozark Hard case & Flatwound Strings - Pre-Loved (Great Condition)

This arched top 'A' model mandolin from Ozark is a popular model in an attractive sunburst finish with f-holes. Its selected spruce top produces a great tone and like all Ozark mandolins, the Ozark 2071 has good quality fittings including chrome plated machine heads and tailpiece and an adjustable ovangkol bridge. If you want a classic mandolin sound,...
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Ozark 2251 'A' Style Solid-Top Round Sound Hole Mandolin w/bag - Pre-Loved (Good Condition) Ozark 2251 'A' Style Solid-Top Round Sound Hole Mandolin w/bag - Pre-Loved (Good Condition) 2
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Ozark 2251 'A' Style Solid-Top Round Sound Hole Mandolin w/bag - Pre-Loved (Good Condition)

Ozark's 2251 'A' model mandolin is a great value instrument which is excellent for beginners or improvers. It has an easy playing action and a good sound with its round soundhole and arched top. The bound top has an attractive natural finish set off by back and sides in a dark finish. The fingerboard has pearl dot markers and is fully bound to match the...
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Stagg M-50e Electro-Acoustic Mandolin

Redburst A-style acoustic-electric bluegrass mandolin with nato top.  
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Epiphone MB-100 5-String Open-Back Banjo

In the 1920s Epiphone had a dozen of banjos in production, and in the early days of their initial creation Epiphone were at the forefront of banjo design, and here the MB-100 represents the low cost end of that legacy. Made from all mahogany and a Remo head!
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Ozark All-Solid F-Model Mandolin - Transparent Blue

Featuring a solid spruce top and solid maple back and sides, the 2355 blends traditional design with a contemporary finish and high quality fittings. This F model mandolin has a distinctive semi gloss finish in a range of colours. The back, sides and neck are made from solid maple, while the front is carved from selected solid spruce with a bound top...
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Ozark Solid Top Flat Back Mandolin

This Portuguese style Ozark flat back mandolin is made from solid wood throughout for good sound. It has a solid natural spruce top with traditional inlaid escutcheon, solid maple back and sides and a maple neck. This exceptional European made mandolin also features a slotted headstock. The 2001 offers unbeatable value for an all-solid instrument, as well...
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Ozark Composite Shell Ukulele-Banjo

The Ozark 2194 is a traditional style ukulele banjo with a lightweight design. It has a high standard of construction with moulded composite shell, mahogany neck and ovangkol fingerboard. This is an ideal starter ukulele banjo, easy to play, lightweight with a loud, vibrant sound and plenty of projection. It includes a padded cover for protection when on...
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Ozark Portuguese-Style Tenor Mandola

This Ozark Portuguese style tenor mandola is made from solid wood throughout with a solid natural spruce top with inlaid escutcheon and maple back and sides in mid brown finish. This Mandola features the celtic style pear shaped walnut finish body that offers amazing volume and tone! The bridge on this instrument is also moveable which allows for...
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Ozark Parlour Resonator Guitar - Mahogany w/Bag

The 3519M Ozark wood body parlour resonator has classic looks with a deep rich, punchy sound. Its small body has a mahogany top with f-holes and 3 small sound holes, complemented by matching mahogany finish back and sides. This is a superior parlour resonator guitar with quality chrome fittings and a comfortable neck. The biscuit-style resonator produces...
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Ozark 'Nashville' High Strung 6-String Guitar

Ozark's high-strung guitar is part of the small-bodied guitar range. Sharing the body size of Ozark's successful and sought-after tenor guitar, it has been designed with 'Nashville' tuning in mind. Whilst maintaining the standard EADGBE tuning, the lower four strings are tuned an octave higher, resulting in a bright, harmonic sound that gives an...
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Epiphone Dobro "Hound Dog" Round Neck Resonator Guitar

Historic tone with a twist, this resonator has been a classic since it’s original introduction in the 1920s and is still an iconic instrument in the bluegrass and country community. Combined with a laminate maple back, sides and top, a classic Dobro cone with nickel fan cover plate and F holes!
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Ozark 2109G 5-String Banjo - Open-Back Brass Tone Ring w/Cover

The Ozark 2109G open back banjo offers attractive looks with great tonal quality and volume. It is built to a high standard in a natural finish featuring an ovangkol fingerboard with diamond inlays and chrome plated hardware. Especially good for clawhammer style.
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Ozark Professional F Model Mandolin

The Ozark 2255 'F' Model is a premium mandolin that both looks and sounds incredible. With a classic F style body, gold plated hardware, adjustable rosewood bridge and solid spruce soundboard you can expect nothing but an intricately crafted mandolin with the highest quality sharp, crisp tones from the Ozark 2255.
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Fender Blues Deluxe Harmonica 3-Pack With Case

Perfect for the seasoned harpist or those who are just starting out, the Fender Blues Deluxe Harmonica is versatile enough for any level of player. With solid construction, a traditional shape and bright, articulate tone, this diatonic 10-hole harmonica offers the classic sound and long-lasting reliability of any genuine Fender instrument. Note:...
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Hohner 'The Beatles' Harmonica - C

The songs of The Beatles have won a place in the hearts of generations of music lovers around the world. With the new The Beatles harmonica, you too can learn to play these timeless melodies. And remember, the HOHNER harmonica played a role in some of The Beatles’ early hits. In the key of 'C' only.   
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Belcanto PFK-10 ABS Panfute

10 pipe, plastic panflute in C
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