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Takamine GN20 Solid Cedar Top NEX-Shapwe Acoustic Guitar
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Takamine GN20 Solid Cedar Top NEX-Shape Acoustic Guitar

Reclaiming their place amongst our collection of guitars, Takamine have returned! Joining together two great woods to create a 'symphony' of sweet tones that make Takamine's new straight forward solid-top NEX-Shape (also known as a Auditorium) is an instant winner with us! The solid cedar top sounds lush and incorporating features until recently only...
Takamine GD71 Solid SpruceTop Acoustic Guitar - Natural
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Takamine GD71 Solid Spruce Top Acoustic Guitar - Natural

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Outstanding value for the classic spruce and rosewood tonewood combination; providing a big,  bold and richly textured sound. Ideal for both the progressing guitarist and the gigging stalwart this dreadnought yields the boldness to command any performance, and yet the versatility to yield itself to delicate intricate arrangements. Classic Takamine at a...

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