Carlsbro CSD130M Mesh Snare Electronic Digital Drum Kit

Rehearsing, recording or on stage at the local club, the Carlsbro CSD130M keeps things simple. Forget about micing each drum, tuning the heads, or hauling around mountains of gear. The CSD130M is a complete 8-piece drum set that is ready in minutes. Unfold the stand, rotate the pads into position, and you’re ready to rock. This kit also features a mesh...
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Chord SM20 50W Active Stage Monitor

Active wedge monitors for stage and rehearsal applications. Loaded with a dual-concentric full-range driver powered from the internal amplifier with separate instrument and line inputs and 2-band EQ control. Equally suitable for live PA foldback, keyboard and e-drum monitoring.
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Carlsbro EDA50 50W Personal Drum Monitor/Amplifier

The ideal step up from the 30w, this 50w Carlsbro offers a great balance of price against power. Angled up to the player, it can be used in close-quarters to help save valuable floor space, and the controls are on the top for convenient easy access. With inputs for a CD or MP3 player, and a headphone output, there is no need to mess with the configuration...
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Stagg Pro-17E Electro-Acoustic 17-Key Kalimba

17 notes professional electro-acoustic kalimba Originating in ancient Africa, the Kalimba (or thumb piano) is an exotic instrument that creates both harmonic and rhythmic effects. It produces an unforgettable melodic and percussive sound that is rich and warm, playful and enchanting.
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Sabian XS20 Series 18" Brilliant China Cymbal - EX-DEMO

Raw, nasty response is tonally tight and highly aggressive, for playing bright but dirty ride or fast, attacking accents. This is an Ex-Demo(?) instrument as new, but with some slight evidence of use from play in-store. 
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Korg KR Mini Digital Drum Machine

A great companion for practicing guitar, bass, acoustic guitar, winds, or any type of instrument!The KR mini - an easy, simple and compact rhythm machine with a built-in speaker and optional batter power for play-anywhere convenience!Many musicians wish that they could enjoy casually performing while being backed up by real rhythm patterns rather than...
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Stagg Bongo / Bass Pedal Bag

Bag for Bongo or Bass Drum Pedal - reinforced black nylon w/very high density foam layer & thick velvet lining - internal & removable nylon séparation sheet - external pouch for small accessories - padded handles w/extra shoulder strap for easy portability - Dim.(WxDxH):40x31x21 cm (15 3/4''x12 1/4''x8 1/4'')
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Stagg BW100-DT Wood Bongo Set (7.5"+6.5") - Two Tone Finish

Upgrade on our best selling bongo set! This premium set of high quality percussion comes with better parts all over and a two natural and red finish for a streamlined look and feel! It also comes in a fantastic display box!
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Kinsman KSS-12 Standard Series Drum Throne

Whether it’s at home, in rehearsal, at the studio or on stage, the need for a comfy drum stool is essential for short or long hauls on the throne.With a firm padded seat, double-braced chrome legs and non slip rubber feet, the Kinsman Standard Series Drum Stool ensures superior comfort and stability.
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Chord BG67-NT Natural Bongo Set

A pair of bongos, 6.5" and 7.5" in diameter, with tunable hide heads and a traditional rim. Features black metalwork and a lacquered wood finish. Supplied with tuning key, for use with drum tension rods  
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Mahalo Kalimba W/Carry Bag - Photo Flame Koa

The Kalimba has a rich musical history stretching back some 3,000 years to the Shona people of Zimbabwe, Southern Africa. A close relation to the ancient Mbira, the Kalimba has been an important part of African music and culture for thousands of years. Today, the bell-like tone of the Kalimba with its even harmonics and rich warm tone blends well with...
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Natal Large Cajon - Black

The Cajon is a great stripped back percussion instrument, providing a restrained bass and snare sound for all those quiet jams and acoustic gigs. 
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Natal Large Oblong Wood Shaker - Macha Burl

Shake up your sound with Natal's expansive range of shakers. These make a great addition to any percussion set up whether in a professional ensemble or classroom. 
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Carlsbro Octo-A Electronic Percussion Pad

The Okto A percussion pad set features 8 high response, hard wearing, user configurable rubber pads. 2 switch pedals to control bass drum and hi hat. 408 drum voices, 30 preset drum kits, 20 user drum kits. Record, playback, demo and teaching functions including powerful step by step snare, rhythm and complete drum set practice/teaching modes.
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Carlsbro CSS1 Drum Throne

Height adjustable heavy duty drum throne with padded circular seat
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Stagg Extension Clamp

Extension clamp for two tubes.
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Stagg Heavy-Duty Snare Stand

Double-braced snare stand, 52 series Sturdy double-braced snare stand built for stage and studio work.
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Stagg Heavy Duty Kick Pedal

Stay in the pocket with the Stage Pro bass drum pedal. With a fluid motion and quick response, the Stage Pro offers the best in speed, power, and feel.
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Chord CDT-2 HD Round Drum Throne

Heavy duty drum thrones with deep padded seats and black vinyl covering. Folding double-braced tripod base with screw-style height adjustment. Detachable seat and folding tripod base Fixed or swivel padded seat Lockable screw height adjustment
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Stagg Silent Cymbal Set w/bag

Silent cymbal set for practice Never change your playing style with this low-volume cymbal set. Designed specifically for lessons or practice sessions when you need to reduce your volume, this volume-controlled set has the same response and feel of regular cymbals.
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Carlsbro CSD100 Electronic Digital Drum Kit

Incredible value from this new entrant to the CSD range - yes it may be low cost, but this still packs a punch. Set to be the new standard att his price point, it offers everything you could need for home practice or even small gigs.
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Gatt DKIT-7 7 Piece Drum Microphone Set

If you're looking to record drums on a budget then look no further! This microphone kit features a bass drum mic, 3 Tom Mics, 1 snare mic and 2 overhead condensers. This kind of microphone setup is more than enough to give you a great0sounding recording.
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Mahalo Kalimba W/Carry Bag - Traditional

The Kalimba has a rich musical history stretching back some 3,000 years to the Shona people of Zimbabwe, Southern Africa. A close relation to the ancient Mbira, the Kalimba has been an important part of African music and culture for thousands of years. Today, the bell-like tone of the Kalimba with its even harmonics and rich warm tone blends well with...
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Carlsbro CSD35M Electronic Digital Drum Kit

he CSD35M electronic drum kit comprises 3x 10” cymbals and 1x 12″ cymbal with an advanced noise reducing soft touch rubber padding. Both Crash cymbals and ride cymbal include a cymbal choke feature. The 12″ ride features our dual zone triggering giving you defined regions for ride bow and ride bell.1×10″ and 3x 8” mesh drum pads feature our dual zone rim...
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