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Applause by Ovation AE047 Electro Acoustic Guitar - Natural - Pre-Loved (Okay Condition) Applause by Ovation AE047 Electro Acoustic Guitar - Natural - Pre-Loved (Okay Condition) 2
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Applause by Ovation AE047 Electro Acoustic Guitar - Natural - Pre-Loved (Okay Condition)

Using the same USA-manufactured Lyrachord bowl as on rest of the Ovation range has allowed Ovation to produce an affordable guitar that doesn't certainly sound like an affordable guitar. If you want to sample the Ovation experience, the Applause is your best starting point.   This is a Pre-Loved instrument in Great condition* * for more information on...
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Norman B20 Solid Top Acoustic Guitar - Natural - Pre-Loved  (Okay Condition) Norman B20 Solid Top Acoustic Guitar - Natural - Pre-Loved  (Okay Condition) 2
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Norman B20 Solid Top Acoustic Guitar - Natural - Pre-Loved (Okay Condition)

The B20 is the original member of the Norman line going back to 1972. It features wild cherry back & sides, a semi-gloss Custom Polished finish and a select pressure tested solid spruce top. The sound (as with all Norman models) will only get better the more the guitar is played overtime. This is a Pre-Loved instrument in Okay condition* - some...
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Tanglewood TWJPE Java Series Solid-Top Parlour Electro Acoustic Guitar - Pre-Loved (Okay Condition)

Beautiful parlour electro-guitar featuring smooth solid cedar for the top and an exotic 3-piece luxury Amara and spalted maple back! This is a Pre-Loved instrument in Okay condition* - marks to the body, see photos for the most noticable. * for more information on this, and how we categorise instruments, please see the 'Pre-loved & Ex-Demo Condition...
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PRS SE Tonare T55E Electro Acoustic Guitar w/Case - Black Gold - Pre-Loved (Great Condition)

The PRS SE T55E pairs quilted maple back and sides with a solid spruce top for stunning warmth and depth. When matched with PRS hybrid“X”/ Classical bracing, which allows the top to freely vibrate and project, the SE T55E has an uncommon 3-dimensional character for a maple back and side guitar. The Tonare Grand body shape delivers a familiar feel and a...
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Taylor 214ce Plus ES:2 Grand Auditorium Electro-Acoustic Guitar w/upgraded Taylor Hardcase - Preloved (Good Condition)

Our best-selling full-size Taylor takes the iconic Grand Auditorium profile and appoints the classic solid Sitka spruce top with a beautifully warm rosewood back and sides. Full-bodied tone with definitive Taylor clarity, this master-piece comes fully equipped with Taylor's ES:2 Expression System electronics and a beautiful gloss finish throughout for a...
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Martin 000-10E All-Solid Electro Acoustic Guitar - Re-Sale (Good Condition)

The 00010E is part of Martin's Road Series range of guitar which combines the excellent construction quality we've come to expect from such a prestigious manufacturer. The auditorium body shape is excellent for fingerstyle players, or those who prefer to play the guitar that has a body shape slightly smaller dimensions than those of a dreadnought. This is...
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Epiphone 'Inspired by Gibson' J-45 All-Solid Electro-Acoustic Guitar - Aged Vintage Sunburst - Pre-Loved (Great Condition)

The classic J-45 has been the choice of legendary musicians ever since it was first introduced in 1942. Known as The Workhorse, it is Gibson's most famous and most popular acoustic guitar model. Now Epiphone has released a new Inspired by Gibson J-45 with all of the features players want, including all solid wood construction, a comfortable rounded C neck...
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Taylor 811E GT Grand Theater Electro-Acoustic Guitar - Pre-Loved (Great Condition)

For over a decade, the Taylor GS Mini has dominated the short-scale acoustic guitar world, and broken ground into mainstream guitar playing territory. During this time, whilst there have been many variants, Taylor have resisted the demands to extend the GS Mini line into the USA-made all-solid range; whilst the huge demand for a premium guitar of GS...
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Ovation CE44P Celebrity Elite Plus Electro-Acoustic Guitar - Figured Koa - Pre-Loved (Great Condition)

Ovation Celebrity Elite Plus models are special in every way. The literal plus are the tops, which are made of visually appealing woods such as spalted/flamed/quilted maple or koa. Furthermore, they are equipped with the Ovation-typical Multi Soundholes. This innovative construction uses several small openings at the edge of the guitar top instead of a...
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Tanglewood Discovery Super Folk Electro-Acoustic Guitar - Pacific Walnut - Pre-Loved (Good Condition)

Tanglewood recognise that to introduce people to music an instrument must have a high build quality, good playability, attractive cosmetics and as many features as possible to encourage and reward aspiring musicians. Using this design brief, Tanglewood luthiers created this instrument, featuring a 4-band EQ system with stage backlighting, delicate 2mm...
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Taylor DN-Ke (K10e) Koa Dreadnought Electro-Acoustic Guitar - Re-Sale (Great Condition) Taylor DN-Ke (K10e) Koa Dreadnought Electro-Acoustic Guitar - Re-Sale (Great Condition) 2
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Taylor DN-Ke (K10e) Koa Dreadnought Electro-Acoustic Guitar - Re-Sale (Great Condition)

The Koa Wood has always been the pinnacle of premium guitar manufacturing and the benchmark for which all high-end acoustic and electric guitar body construction is judged. The DN-K is an all-solid dreadnought acoustic guitar with perfectly complimented Sitka Spruce top alongside its Koa back and sides. And boy does this guitar look pretty - arguably the...
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Taylor 110CE Dreadnought Electro Acoustic Guitar - Ltd. Ed. Sunburst - Re-Sale (Okay Condition)

Utilising Taylor’s revolutionary precision of design that has taken them to the pinnacle of guitar making. This Dreadnought is traditional, bold and versatile, offering strong projection and full body; the walnut delivers a balanced and defined flavour alongside the typical responsiveness of premium solid spruce on the top. Add in the flagship Expression...
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Seagull Entourage Electro-Acoustic Guitar - Autumn Burst - Pre-Loved (Great Condition)

Autumn is a time for change and the Seagull Entourage Series has undergone a beautiful change of its own with its new Autumn Burst finish! The Entourage Autumn Burst also boasts other exciting new features, such as an eye-catching white binding, a redesigned pickguard, and a richer/shaded finish on the back and sides. This is a Pre-Loved instrument in...
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