Joyo D-Seed Dual Channel Digital Delay Guitar Effects Pedal

Joyo D-Seed Dual Channel Digital Delay Guitar Effects Pedal

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The latest addition to our guitar pedal family is the fantastic Joyo brand! During the middle of 2014 Joyo finally set up UK distribution and sought out to find nice, well stocked, local stores to stock their product; and here we have it! Finally you're able to browse through their great selection of pedals, but still maintain that low price point that everyone has come to know and love.��

A life changing pedal is about to occur! Greetings to a dual channel delay pedal that won't break the bank! Featuring 4 unique delays ranging from Copy, Analog, Modulation and the wacky Reverse, Tap Tempo ranging the delay all the way to a maximum of 6000ms, independant controls for each channel and an external trigger input for switching between channels!��

D-SEED Dual Channel Digital Delay

Why���d we call it ���D-SEED���?
This pedal is a Dual Channel Digital-Delay. The initials DCD sound like D-SEED.
Impeccable digital delay with a full range of practical functions, D-SEED is a must for guitarists!

1. 17ms-1000ms delay time.
2. Tap Tempo function: Press the TAP TEMPO switch to set the delay time you want.
3. In TAP TEMPO mode, the delay time can be extended to a maximum of 6000ms.
4. Dual-channel design with independent parameter settings for each channel.
5. Parameters are saved automatically.
6. Four delay modes to choose from: COPY, ANALOG, REVERSE, MODULATION
7. External trigger input allows external devices to be used to switch between D-SEED channels.

Pedal Effect Type
Spatial: Delay / Reverb
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